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About Us

Remembrance Farms, located on the Caribbean island of Dominica, was established as an offering-in-thanks to the Creator for the wonderful gift of life.  Our goal is to nurture our relationship with the land and to share in the ways that it nurtures us in return.

At RF, sustainability means that we do our best to provide the highest quality organic agricultural products, while ensuring the vitality and longevity of the resources needed to provide them. We plan to establish RF as a leading producer of vetiver grass, a proven sustainable system for “bio-engineering”.  In Dominica, vetiver can be help to stabilize steep slopes, control erosion,  and help to increase crop yields.

The Purpose of Remembrance Farms (RF) is to provide organic, sustainable agricultural products and solutions. RF wants to establish the use of the Vetiver System as a proven bio-engineering technology to stabilize steep slopes and to prevent soil erosion in Dominica and the Caribbean region. In order to accomplish this, RF seeks to become the first Vetiver Nusery in Dominica. Beginning with 1/2 acre in the first year and growing to 3 acres by the third year, RF will gain market share by increasing the awareness of the low cost technology in the local market, including regional governments, large farms and smaller farms owned by individuals and families.

RF is a new company that seeks to establish its operations using a 5 acre piece of land on the east side of Dominica, once used as a family banana farm. The principals are Ursula Schaefer and Caleb Prescott. Ursula is a Sustainable Living student with training and experience in organic agricultural methods, sustainable water management, soil biology and social entrepreneurship. Ursula will serve chiefly as a vice president of sustainability. Caleb Prescott has an MBA in sustainable business. He has experience in marketing, including product development and branding.  Caleb will serve as the president. Dr. Clayton Shilling-ford is a plant pathologist with over 30 years of experience in agriculture and will serve as a sustainable business consultant.

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