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Fundraiser- March 2012

On March 17th we are holding a Benefit Concert in Fairfield, Iowa to raise awareness and funds for our work-trip this summer.  The following letter announces our project and will be handed out to local businesses.
Dear Friends,
Thank you for expressing interest in our exciting new project!   In May 2012, a group of MUM sustainable living and green MBA students will be spending 3 1/2 months on the Caribbean island of Dominica, launching phase 1 of a small scale, sustainable farmstead.  The focus of our trip is to establish the initial stages of a vetiver-grass nursery.

Vetiver, a tightly clumping grass with long roots, is used in more than 100 countries in a wide range of applications from bio-fuels to natural building materials.  With roots systems reaching 15 feet, vetiver has become the leading natural method for preventing soil erosion and stabilizing steep slopes.  In Dominica, the most mountainous of the Caribbean islands, scarcity of flat land has led to the conversion of forested hillsides and slopes into small holder commercial farms. Widespread use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has also been normalized, leading to polluted waterways and degraded soils.  A vetiver nursery will serve the needs of Dominica’s communities by providing a natural, proven method of protecting vital resources.

Accepting the responsibility of raising the capital necessary to begin this work, we have decided to host a benefit dinner and concert.  This event will help us raise awareness and funds for the project, and provide a forum for discussing sustainability issues. The celebration, scheduled for March 17th at the Sustainable Living Coalition (SLC) building next to Abundance Eco-village, will include a presentation, silent auction, live music, and a homemade Caribbean style dinner.

We would like to invite the business community of Fairfield to offer their support by making a tax deductible, cash or in-kind contribution to our project.  One creative way that sponsors can participate is by donating an item or service that could be sold at our silent auction.  Donated items or services can be worth any amount and should be gifted prior to March 17th, so that they can be available for bidding at the event.

Our marketing campaign is starting soon, and we want to promote as many local business sponsors as possible.  This cross-promotion strategy will increase the reach and frequency of your marketing, and demonstrate your businesses’ tangible efforts toward sustainability.

We recognize that this project will not be realized by our work alone.   We hope that you find this sincere request as an opportunity to offer your support for our vision.

With Thanks,
The Remembrance Farm team
and our local sponsor, the S.L.C.

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